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Genetic selection for parasite resistance

To promote the concept of genetic selection for parasite resistance as a sustainable, long-term solution to worm challenges and drench resistance

WormFEC Gold flocks must meet strict criteria to be granted Gold status. For this reason, WormFEC Gold flocks are making twice as much progress in the selection for resistant animals as other WormFEC flocks and are not relying on a continual need for drench to maintain performance.

The genetic trend graphs show that is possible to breed for worm resistance with no compromise on production traits.

NZMW – WormFEC GOLD flocks 600c above national average

DPF – WormFEC GOLD flocks 280c
above national average

Why you should be using WormFEC Gold Genetics.

A collection of powerful insights from farmers, breeders, veterinarians, and scientists.

“Breeding for host resistance to internal parasites in sheep has been shown from more than 40 years of research in both Australia and New Zealand to be a low-cost sustainable approach to reduce the effects of parasitism”.

John McEwan

AgResearch Scientist.

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